Arian Asgari, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Founder

Arian Asgari

Founder | RMT

Arian is the Owner and Founder of Locus Health Centre Inc. He started Locus Health Centre with a great passion to help those who need. Arian developed his passion for Massage Therapy after years of sports related injuries and rehab, personal training and education in Sports Science. He then pursued a career in this field and shortly after receiving his RMT designation, gratefully as he describes, he started practicing with Professional athletes in NHL, MLS, Varsity, Body Builders, Semi-Professional and Amatuer athletes from some Sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Football, Softball, Tennis, Wrestling, Bowling, Golf, Ulmtimate Frisbee, Climbing, Figure Skating, Ski and Snowboard which all together led him gain a vast majority of his professional experience.

On the side from RMT, Arian used to play Soccer semi-professionally for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC youth teams and coach Soccer from ages 3-18. In addition, he did Personal Training from 2011 to 2016 and holds the CSEP-CPT certification.

Given the athletic background, Arian enjoys treating sports related injuries and help the athletes recover and maintain an overall health to pursue their sports. He also enjoys paying it forward to the community by sponsoring local Soccer teams for kids and adults.

Treatment style: Pain and overall discomfort relief through Relaxation techniques, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage/Rehabilitation, Myofascial Trigger Point Release, Joint injuries such as Shoulders, Hips, Knees and Ankles, Kinesio and Athletic Taping.

Andrew Bauer

Registered Kinesiologist

Born and raised in North Vancouver, now living in the Fraser Valley, Andrew completed a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology at the University of the Fraser Valley, with a dual focus on exercise science and physical education. Andrew is an avid runner during the summer months, and plays ball hockey in the winter. He has also participated many other sports and activities growing up such as swimming, football, and martial arts. Andrew’s specialty in the field is post-MVA rehabilitation, and holds certificates for soft tissue release, active isolated stretching, RockTape, and has worked as a personal trainer while attending university.

Lulu Zhou

Registered Acupuncturist

Lulu is a Registered Acupuncturist with over 900 hours of clinical training. She has a special interest in Tai Chi and has won gold medals in international martial arts competitions. She also has a Master’s Degree in Digital Media. As a life long learner, she continues to further her expertise through the Herbalist Program in BC.

Lulu is confident in helping patients and assisting them in developing a healthy life style. She can treat a plethora of ailments such as pain, headaches, insomnia, stress, allergies, women’s health, sports injuries and so on.

Karolina Szulc


Karolina will graduate from the Registered Massage Therapy Program at CDI College in October 2022. She has immigrated to Canada from Poland at age 14 and has flourished in her education. She is excited to worktogether towards getting you to be able to do what you love to do; whether that would be hiking, playing sports, partaking in winter or summer activities or simply being able to enjoy your everyday life pain-free. She focuses on mind and body integration and your overall well-being to help alleviate stress, fatigueand chronic pain.

Karolina believes that massage therapy can aid in managing present and past injuries, reduce dysfunction and improve mobility. She thrives on treating low back pain and knee dysfunctions. Some modalities that she utilizes in her treatments are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Muscle Energy Techniques, Active Release Techniques and Passive Stretching. She trusts that tying it all together through diaphragmatic breathing, patient relaxation and education can assist inreaching the goals that have been set: achieving the optimal level of function physically and emotionally. Karolina is looking forward to continue her education in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, kinetic taping and manual lymph drainage.

When not in clinic or furthering her knowledge in massage therapy, you can find Karolina enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends, hiking, sitting by a campfire, walking her two huskies, relaxing at the beach or snowboarding in the mountains. Her passion for travelling the world has given her diverse experiences of other cultures and their culinary specialties.

Karolina is waiting to take her registration board exams end of this year. She is always happy to welcome new patients.

Shelby M


Bio Coming Soon… 🙂

Dr. Michael Horowitz

Chiropractor (Custom Orthotics Only!)

Dr. Michael Horowitz is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He also holds a degree in Biology and Kinesiology from York University with an emphasis on Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counseling. He is a chiropractor in good standing with the Canadian and BC Chiropractic Associations. Dr. Horowitz places emphasis on Biomechanics while treating the source, not just the symptoms. He combines custom orthotic therapy, chiropractic manual techniques, nutritional support, stress management, soft tissue massage, and spinal adjustments towards the goal of freeing up stress to the feet, spine and nervous system.

At Locus Health Dr. Horowitz will focus his services on the Examination of Feet & the Prescription & Dispensing of Custom Orthotic Inserts to fit into your favourite shoes. These custom insoles are used to treat flat feet, foot pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, metatarsalgia, ankle pain, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, knee, hip and lower back pain.