Arian Asgari

Founder | RMT, CSEP-CPT

Arian is the owner and founder of Locus Health Centre. He started Locus Health Centre with a great passion to help those who need. Arian developed his passion for Massage Therapy after years of sports related injuries and rehab, personal training and education in sport sciences. He then pursued a career in this field and shortly after receiving his RMT designation, he started treatment and gained vast amount of experience.

Arian is also a CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer and occassionaly, he also coaches soccer teams as he loves soccer.

Cedric Dela Cruz


Cedric is passionate about his work and takes pride in quality. As a therapist and as a person, He is very meticulous and curious with finding and treating the cause of your concerns. He's worked with various patients and therapists over the course of learning his practice, from working with athletes to working with seniors. His patient-centered care revolves around this experience—adapting to each individual patient, making sure you feel as comfortable as possible while still performing a safe and effective treatment.

Growing up playing various sports, Cedric is well-acquainted with recovering from strenuous activities and/or minor injuries. Inversely, since he was young (and even now), he's also been on the computer for hours on end, sitting in the same position all day. After studying the art of massage, he's gotten to know his body better and what he can do to maintain my health. As a therapist now, he wants to share this wealth through his treatments—treatments that not only include mending soft tissue injuries, but also include helping patients eliminate bad habits or providing some tips that may help with daily living. Cedric give patients homecare , so that patient-care goes beyond the appointments.

Cedric does his best to bring you back to your best through knowledge and empathy. He is available Mondays and Wednesdays. He provides services in both English and Tagalog.

Olivia Pyo


Olivia has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of British Columbia. After graduation, she successfully pursued a career in finance, reaching to a managerial position in one of the leading banks in Canada. While enjoying the career success, Olivia’s hard work ethic took a toll on her health. Believing that health comes before career in life, she decided to leave career in finance behind to manage and regain health. After extensive search, Olivia found and experienced the superior benefits of acupuncture and herbalogy’s holistic and balanced approach.

Growing confidence in her journey of health with the help from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Olivia decided to study acupuncture and herbalogy at PCU College of Holistic Medicine herself. As a survivor of a serious ailment, she wants to help others who are also in similar situations.

Olivia is a member of CTCMA (College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturist of BC) and AIMI (American Integrative Medicine Institute) and also a Certified Skin and Body Therapist (Vancouver Community College). Believing that everyone is unique, she strives to find health management approach that caters to each individual. Olivia’s interests are in pain management, digestive disorders and skin disorders.

Maysam Tarameshloo


Maysam Tarameshloo provides Registered Massage Therapy to reduce your pain, discomfort and promoting overall wellness.

He has 9 years of experiences in rehabilitation as an Occupational Therapist in Iran. Maysam believes RMT gives him a broader perspective which he can share with patients to improve and maintain their health.

Maysam believes his experience will lead to great treatment and patient satisfaction. He focuses on Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy.

Shayla Shabkhiz
Kinesiologist, RMT Student, Receptionist

Shayla graduated from Simon Fraser University with her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She specializes in active physical rehabilitation and ergonomics. Shayla’s previous experience includes her time as a Fitness Coordinator and Personal Trainer at the Vancouver General Hospital. She also spent time leading and developing physical activity programming for older adults with severe mobility limitations and chronic health conditions.

Her experiences and passion for exercise and physical activity, and lifelong participation in team sports, have been the catalyst for her career in active rehabilitation. Shayla relishes all aspects of rehabilitation, ranging from resistance training, fitness programs, and active/passive stretching programs.

She believes in a client-centered approach and co-involvement between the client and the health professional. Shayla is constantly learning new techniques and continuing her education in active rehabilitation science to further benefit her clients. When Shayla isn’t working or studying, she likes to spend her time hiking, running, and playing basketball.

Abby Weir


Abby is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia. Her interest in anatomy and health sciences has helped fuel her passion for massage therapy.

Abby offers treatments for relaxation and stress reduction, postural dysfunction, pain management and injury rehabilitation. She uses a variety of massage modalities, therapeutic exercise and self-care personalized for the individual to help achieve your health goals.

Richie Xin

Richie Sun grew up in a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) family. His father, a well-known Qigong Therapist, taught him the traditional medicine principals when he was 10 years old. Richie did not think TCM would be his whole life, however, after getting a degree in business administration, his passion about TCM became irrepressible. Then, he went to school to learn Acupuncture, Acupressure, Herbology, Fengshui, and Hypnotherapy.

Richie’s treatment style is quite different from other practitioners. Since he knows several different therapies, he can look at the patient as a whole and find the root cause for any symptoms. To achieve best therapeutic results, he usually performs acupressure, acupuncture herbal treatment and hypnotherapy together depending on different conditions.

Pain relief is Richie’s specialty. No matter what kind of pain you are having, Richie can manage to get great pain relief after 1 to 3 sessions. Book a session with him, meet him in person, to see if he is the right one for you.